Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hello Everyone

Hey everyone! You may know me, Amanda, from my book review blog: Nocturnal Reviews. But this blog isn't for reviews. It's just for everything basically. I guess I just need somewhere to rant.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep this one updated. I've made blogs before, for the same reason; to rant. But I usually forget about them and end up abandoning them. Same with diaries and journals, never was able to keep up with them. But hopefully this will be different.

I guess I'm just not the type of person to keep up with writing about my life. It's not so great, not extraordinary or anything. I guess that's why I'm always reading a book, or writing my novel. I love books and my passion is writing. Go figure, huh?

I have a lot to do in sixteen months. Which I'm not going to get into right now. If I do I'll be here for hours, rambling on and on about my plans. Which I'm extremely over-joyed about.(Whee!!)

I'm also using this as a way to keep up and record how my life and I change. Which is why I'm going to put a picture up here of myself. I guess I'll try and at least put one up every month.

I'm growing older and soon I'll be out of my parents house(In sixteen months, hopefully!!! Whee!) and out into the world. It's kind of hard to believe that I'm going to be eighteen soon. The age I've been dreaming about for so long. It's both exciting and scary.

Things are changing and a lot of things are going to be changing over the months. A lot of exciting things happening to build up to the ultimate exciting plans that I have. :)

Well, I guess I'm done rambling for now. I have lots of stuff to do....


Me, as of February 10th, 2009.

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